Five DIY Covers for Your Tablet

Saturday, March 15, 2014

I love how the simplest changes to a cover can make any device look great! So, if you're tired of looking at your same old tablet day in and day out, why not give it a makeover? I know I am itching to try these beautiful patterns!

So in no particular order, I give you five great patterns for your tablet!

Crochet // Looks Knit Crochet Kindle Cover // By Mama's Little Monkeys
I love the simplicity of this pattern coupled with the color choice.

Crochet // Designer Free Crochet iPad Cover Tutorial // Get Smitten
This pattern is a little more colorful and elaborate but it's really easy to do.

A good project to try if you want to get into Tunisian crochet.

Sew // DIY iPad case // by Oh So Lovely Vintage
A simple and clean case and easy to understand instructions.

Knit // Lace Knitted Pattern // Let's Knit
Beautiful pattern all around!

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