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Friday, July 18, 2014

I apologize for my very long absence. I had exams in June and a zoology field trip in the start of July. But that's out of the way, and I have more time for this blog now.

This blog is still in its infancy, so keeping things interesting and updating is still a challenge for me, but do love this blog already so I'm not giving up on it.

Now for the interesting stuff. Today I'm sharing a free print! 

Note: The .pdf is without the watermark.
This quote is one of my most favorite. It reminds me that doing what you love is worth it, even when people criticize you or don't like what you do. There WILL be people who appreciate your work, so don't ever give up!

The print is a vector, which means it can be printed in any size! Neat, right?

Download the .pdf here! (this link takes you to Just click the arrow at the top right corner to download).

I hope you like it!


NOTE: Please, don't share my prints/content without permission. 

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